Welcome back to Twitter, Bob.

Welcome back to Twitter, Bob.

hey maybe this is a stupid question but i don't really get what the street team is?

That’s not a stupid question (:

A street team is basically a group of people who promote something, which in our case is The Blackout. It involves, for example, meeting up in areas and handing out flyers, getting posters up in shops, introducing friends to their music, promoting shows etc etc (:

To everybody who emailed us about street teaming etc.

Thank You so much, we have had over 200 people, all over the world apply, and we have at least one person in every one of the listed cities we were given! so thank you very much!

We are getting a lot of emails along the lines of “You messaged me once and then not again and i need more information”
We are waiting to give you more information, when we know information, you will know information! so don’t worry, if you have messaged us, we have got it and you are on the street team!
We had a lot of messages to reply so we are sorry if have not received a reply yet!

So basically, what we are saying is hold tight, we will let you know as soon as we know anything!

And a massive thank you to everybody who submitted posters for the bristol gig!
We used all of them in the end because we couldn’t decide what one :)
Bristol is now fully aware that the blackout are coming!

We will post some of the posters on here in a small while.!

And Lastly, This weekend is going to be a busy one as all of us are away either working or being bums at reading festival. so if you do message, we will get back to you as soon as we can, we are not ignoring you OK?! :D
Don’t worry.

Thank You everybody.
You’re really quite awesome.

ohh coool, what exactly are you actually doing with them?

The people in the riotsquad who live near/In bristol but them up in bristol, in and all over shops etc :D X

have you picked a poster yet?

We used all of them in the end :)
we couldn’t choose :) X